Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2 new renders ;). I'll be more slowly currently, someone comissioned me & this will take some time before the completion.

Here's some things made by Bob Ghendra.


  1. The first two are very nice. Will we get to see more?

    1. More of these renders ? No.
      More duo ? Yes, time to time i like to put my girls & playing together :).

    2. Mmm, I think I speak for most in saying that duo (or even triple) renders of your girls together will be fucking amazing!

  2. Happy Birthday my friend. Hope you feel finde today.

    Again absoltely great renders. Your artwork is a milestone for me. And Bob your two works are also excellent. Sex somehere in the house could also be an excellent set with lots of poses e.g. on different furnitures, walls and rooms.

    Have both a very nice day.