Friday, January 17, 2014

Small project in a bigger

Sorry for posting too few things these days, i'm busy by the mmorpg SWTOR & a project in alpha part where Twil'y has the honor of opening: build a story with dialog.
Currently i don't know if this set will be available for free, i've thought to add this as a bonus for the bundle pack i've planned to release with Elfy's Diary & Elfy's Tale.

By the way, my new config is on way i could be done my render more faster & i will able to do a tons of new test in my quest of the best quality.

Here's the general spec:
i7 4930k
Asus Rampage IV Extreme
SSD 250 GOs


  1. if you want a fans input, i think it would be awesome just to have it as just a nice freebie :)

  2. 3x titan?
    can I ask why? for octane you need only one, the other two would be a better choice the gtx 780ti
    titan is way to expansive, especially if you want to use it for octane
    you can only use the ram of one graphic card, so only one titan is needed
    the 780ti is way cheaper, but more powertfull

    1. The main problem is: if you have a lowered Vram the lowest Vram will be chose for the scene, i mean Titan = 6GBs Vram 780ti 3GBs, 3GBs win.
      Octane load your scene on EACH cards.
      Powerful ? Not so much, yes 780ti is better than Titan but that's not really significant & Titans still the "best" for the 6GBs :).

  3. ok
    there will be a 6bg 780ti in february
    "gtx 780 ti kingpin edition"
    if you can wait until then, you should do
    but if you have allready bought it, nevermind and have fun with your new system ;)

  4. Anonymous1/20/2014

    gane make a mess to cool get enough air ventilation only for the titans try those case fansa in whirlpool form the more blades the more air intake