Sunday, April 13, 2014

Elfy: with Redspec TGX


Before to start a new week i wanted to share these 2 renders using the TGX skin shader, been a while that i wanted to play with it & finally found some times to tweak it and fit to what i, approximately, want.
Btw, i took the opportunity to test how the Max Depth can affect the render: one has been done with MD: 2 & the other one with MD: 8, as you can see it not really affect so much the render.
This will be a part of my next tutorial & if you don't yet know the subject of it here it is:
i will focus on one scene: to the beginning, building my scene, to the materials settings in Octane, render settings used on my renders & the final result.

You can find a higher rez on D-A ;).


  1. Anonymous4/15/2014

    Wow.. This looks like she is checking her email with a GUI (general user interface) HUD (heads-up display) from Ghost in the Shell or some other high-tech science fiction piece. You can see SMALL changes in the skin tones too between the two images. Love the pose too. Nice work yet. Wallpaper-worthy piece of Elfy. :3

  2. Hi i love your this render can you make the same render with well the pants on or ass covered love to put this pic as my new wallpaper.......