Monday, May 5, 2014

1 000 000 !!!!

Hey there!

Few things to talk about today ^^:

First, 1 000 000 pageviews reached !!! Woaw ! Thanks so much didn't expect to reach this stats in a bit more than a year, 55 members also. It's means a lot for me, i didn't thought that my "art" could be so popular (not much as some famous 3D/3DX artists but still ^^). Thanks, thanks, thanks !!!

Second thing, as i see Nalah & Spencer are your top fav (except Elfy) followed by Evelyn & Kaylee. For Nalah i don't know if i used her much, as i said earlier some difficulty with her (any idea why, i like her, love her face & shape, the pure white skin but ... ^^). 'Bout Spencer, Evelyn & Kaylee this could give me some idea. 
I've thought on a comic idea which focus on a assassin guy with all of his torrid adventures & not ;).

Btw the last thing is about my little blond girl, Elle, i've made some improvements. 
Skin shader react like i want now, i've reshape a bit her especially on the leg parts.
What more to say ? She's how i imagine a "perfect" & hot body :), isn't it.

(In fact there was 4 points ^^) Elfy will be called Eve Russel for her human side, seems people seen in her the original sin in her ^^.

The comic story progress i'm starting the "2nd" part (in fact the 1st but i've with another scene), there will be the 3rd part & probably stop for now, there will be approximately 100-150 renders in this set.


A little bonus :)


  1. Anonymous5/06/2014

    First off, E, wanted to say congrats on the milestones...those are great achievements to be proud of...and well done. Your work is excellent and these stats only go to prove it.

    Your new girl, Elle, looks fantastic.

    On your "issues" for inspiration for Nalah...I can only reiterate what I have said's her personality I think that you have trouble figuring out. All of the girls are the subjects of their respective pieces...their personality shines through in what scenario you place them and their facial's something I doubt most of the time you are actually conscious about when you are rendering your artwork...but it is there each time. The old adage of "a picture is worth a thousand word" rings very true. Each pic is just a snapshot in time but yet still there is a story behind I said whether you consciously think so or not...and so the girls you use in the snapshot we get a glimpse into her persona...and that is what I think you are lacking with Nalah. love her face, her body, her skin texture, but I think you still struggle with "who" Nalah is...and I can only offer you the best of luck in discovering her...


  2. MY best congratulations to your 1.000.000 page views.

    Your plans sound good to me. 100-150 renders are very much hard work. I'M very exctited and hope we will see Kaylee in a scene with one or two guys.

  3. Congrats on the 1,000,000 ... Your fine talent shines through E.
    Looking forward to your large story. Elle very hot, nice job. Spencer
    & Eve will be really hot together.

    Thanks E for sharing your fine art with us.

  4. Congrats!! Next stop 2,000,000 :)
    Elle is awesome and the renders are too! I love how the shadows emphasize (i hope thats the correct phrase) her tummy! just great!

  5. Origin855/09/2014

    Congrats on the big 7 figure mark, well deserved :)

  6. And Amy still will appear? Or you forgot about it...