Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mileena: the hottie blonde


I hope you have all a wonderful summer & you could have go away from your house, take some spare time to do nothing or whatever about holiday :).
"Summer Heat"  is almost finish, probably released in September.

Btw another set come to my mind & i let you choose which girl you would like to see on my coming paying set, which will call: Summer Break.

So Spencer or Nalah ?
Vote for your favorite!

Here's Mileena a very very old V4 character, i've worked a lot of time with her to get her right in Octane: skin look, bump map, hair, shape (even it's almost the original ^^), etc. Hope you will like her as i love her :)!



  1. Anonymous8/17/2014

    To choose between Spencer or Nalah is almost torture, but there is one factor I guess to swing my vote to Nalah...we've seen Spencer fucked a few times, but never have to vote for Nalah.

  2. Anonymous8/17/2014


  3. Anonymous8/17/2014

    Nalah...although they both look incredibly anorexic in that picture...

  4. Anonymous8/18/2014

    Nalah, no question! :D

  5. Hi!
    Spencer or Nalah? Oh, so difficult to choose and vote... I'd like to see two girls, maybe in one set, but if need to choose only one... I vote for Spencer =))

  6. Anonymous8/25/2014

    Nalah, without a doubt... well, there is doubt... but Nalah's beauty draws my attention too much.

  7. Anonymous8/28/2014

    Oh, the things I would do to Nalah. The many, naughty, things. I would utterly wreck that chick.

  8. Anonymous8/28/2014

    Nalah all the way. Would love to see her ride a guy like a pony.

  9. Anonymous8/29/2014

    I like them both, but I'd have to say Nalah

  10. Origin859/01/2014

    Going by that pic alone it's hard to say, both Nalah and Spencer look fabulous! I'll be looking forward to that set regardless of who you chose to go with.

    Could always go with both of course : )