Saturday, October 3, 2015

Naughty Bathroom

Hello there,

Still playing with Iray, definitely a good engine but seems Octane still a bit better currently.
Btw, i continue the serie with my little Genesis 3 girl this time she has some fun in the bathroom. Subjective scene as the Teen Josie 7 mats don't have gen mats, i will see to "create" one for her.

Maybe you wonder when a new comic set will come ? Not yet!
But i'm currently working on 3 sets at a time (!!!), modern, fantasy & sci-fi.
Some are more advanced that the case for the modern & sci-fi ones (20-25 yet done), fantasy have few pics done (~10), let's have a look on some preview.

& the best for the end


1 comment:

  1. Firstly, I am pleased that you start to gradually return. Speaking of the preview - first picture is not for me, I do not like those fantasy girls with hooves, tails or horny heads as here with green or other not natural skin. It's not sexually for me. The second picture is more interesting, it returns the best of times your elves, which you created with Elfy. But this girl not to my taste (at least from this angle). The third picture is interesting - attractive girl, I hope the plot will be interesting and unexpected. The fourth picture is gorgeous. In your best traditions. GREAT! I look forward to.

    Good luck to you.