Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The pixie

Hello there,

A quick render of the character i've used for the charity set (@ Affect3D), here in sort of Elf/Fairy.

Btw i was aware of something my new set has been rated to 3/5 *
=> http://affect3d.com/affect3d-store/store-release-captain-anger/
I don't blame ^^, i just wanna know what was "wrong" with this set, the girl ? Sex scenes ? Poses ? etc ... Maybe it's not what you expected, so what do you expect ? Used of other girl(s) i've done ? Whatever tell me, it could give me ideas &/or redirect my renders (but keep in mind i will not change my work @ 180°)

I'm aware, also, that my work has slightly, highly ?, change with the use of G2/G3 & Daz Studio.

Give me, PLEASE, your feedback (it's important to improve next sets) here or mail me if you are shy.

Some more news to come soon,

Don't forget to support me in buying my new set ;).


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