Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Zoey & more

Hello there!

Been a while since my last post, here's some quick updates.


What a joke ... I've planned since few weeks before to take x2 1080, as Nvidia announced their new GPU technology as the "most improvement" GPU tech done before. And indeed after seeing some benchmaar where the 1080 is upper than a Titan X for almost the twice price that's a f***** good deal ! Yesterday i was decided to take them ... But after few research, i wanted to see how the new GPU was in Octane render, i've discover that Nvidia has not yet made their "Neeeeeew jewels" compatible with the current CUDA & it should be done for August or September ...

Well good to know that a company put in the market a product which is not working with other applications than game, which needs CUDA instructions.
Anyway these cards will wait the official CUDA support release before i buy'em ^^.

Projects on going:

- Patreon: i know that some of you are impatient to see my page open, unfortunately i'm not able to release it currently as i haven't enough stuff + i have to finish 2 commissions projects before & would like to finish the EP2: prologue set. I have also to think that summer, & son on holidays, is coming means less activity. My Patreon page will be ready for this summer, august, september or why not earlier if the heat is not here ^^.

- Prologue set: yes it's not finish & i think it will take some time, currently 35 pics done, with sex part didn't yet started, it seems to be a long set. In addition i'm thinking to add text, as you noticed on all of my works i don't do rough sex, i like to tell a story behind this. But without text hard to understand exactly what happens.

I've worked on this set these days a bit but not as much as i wanted, i've broken my back without doing something ... Now it's a bit better.

Yes in fact i'm working on 3 sets at the same time with Zoey:
- Ep2: which is currently freeze due to my hardware who's unable to render 3 characters at the same time (in this scene)
- Ep2, prologue: currently on going (35 pics done)
- & a spin-off: where you will Zoey at their 1st young woman age discovering the sex with her master, i've shared already some previews. 
On going also, but as i've started at the middle i have to imagine the beginning ^^.

2 commissions:
Yes it takes me some of my time, one of these will be reserved for my Patreons, girl featured is my ginger one that you have already seen on my DA page (the swimming pool one).

Btw, here's one of my last pic done from the Ep2: prologue, i was pretty satisfied of it when i've seen the final render, enjoy.


  1. Anonymous6/11/2016

    Can't wait for the spin off where we see Zoey being broken in and trained by her first master. Make her as young as possible please with really small tits and a slender young body.

    Where are the previews you mention, not seen them.

    1. Keep in mind that she's older than 18, her body follow ;).
      2 previous post you have a preview.

  2. Impatient de voir la suite, surtout le spin off !