Monday, April 22, 2013

Kelly & Paris

A collage of my "Red lips" set made by Bob Ghendra :).


  1. Again, I am at a loss for words. But, I did notice just a few minor errors that caught my eye. Not that they took anything away from the overall image, they were noticeable. First, the girls' breasts. The blue/purple veins do stand out in the full size image. Second,in the 3rd image, the pussy is very nice, and the color of it works. But, I did notice that there was no butthole. Not that I like anal, but I did notice that there was no real definition of it. I did notice that you included dents for it, but a simple texture would really improve how realistic it looks.

  2. Outstanding work. Would like to see few images of them, maybe a little more intimate poses. Love their eyes, you can get lost staring into them.