Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Joanne (Outdoor set 2) & Req

I continue the serie featuring Joanne in an outdoor alley. Then i'll probably make an "identity card" of my girls, it will give a better view on them.

The following renders were requested by Bob Ghendra, i've slightly modify them compared to the originals, especially the 2nd, here the original poses:

Here's what i've done with Ksenya as requested.


  1. I am at a loss for words...

  2. Great job man , i'm not a foot fetishist but those renders looks really hot. Oh and by the way , does your RSS feed is working? Not sure if i'm doing something wrong but i don't see any posts in the RSS connected to your site :l

    1. Im not a foot fetishist either, but I was browsing 4chan wallpaper boards, found those two pics, and somewhat fell in love with them.

    2. I'm not a foot fetishist too but i really love the 2nd one :D, her attitude, her pose ... It's Ksenya what :).

      I haven't activated it, that's why it's not working. I have any idea how it's working i'll take a look on it.