Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Elfy & Syndori

 Both beauties on the same scene, intimately ...


  1. Seraphim6/05/2013

    Well i always admire your work and hope you keep on continuing what you do, but...
    Elfy is really cute, beautiful and sensual. But something about Syndori is just not my cup of tea. I dunno how to point it out tho. Something about her face that keeps bugging me. Maybe she`s just not "my type".
    Her hair keeps flowing around her in a rather unnatural way i think, like she`s always in a breeze of wind. And her rather sharp facial lines don`t really match well with the slender curves of her body. (especially when she`s standing next to Elfy)

    I am trying not to critizise your work, since there is nothing much there to do so. Just pointing out a few things to make you understand the opinion i am stating. So i dont just say "i dont like her for no reason". That wouldnt help at all.

    Maybe its just the shots of her and i will say "wow nice" in the future. Everything`s possible thats for sure ;)

    Always love to see something new from you and i gotta say you keep your updates comming pretty fast. Thats not something easily found.

    Keep it up!


  2. I like these shoots! If they were a little bit more expressive (like two young bitches, who play with each other) it would be greater. What about Syndori - I like Elfy and Hitmanz's Syndori much much more.
    Thanks for your work!

  3. What lovely pairs - I mean pair!

    Hope to see more of these two together!

  4. Fantastic! I was happy to see you put those two lovely elves together. Maybe in the future you can put them in more intimate positions. I think all your ladies are great but Elfy & Syndori are my 1 & 2 girls. Again great work and thank you for sharing your Art with us.

    Best wishes always