Monday, June 3, 2013


I'm a very huge fan of this head morph & waited months (probably years) to find the right textures, just love her :), enjoy!


  1. As I stated in my last comment that Elfy was my favorite but Syndori comes in a very close second. Fantastic work pard, can't wait to see more of her. Maybe you might do a nice series with both Elfy & Syndori getting to know each other:-)

    My best wishes always

  2. Thats a very good job you've made. Love that new character, she's very sexy. I wonder if you havn't forget something (dunno but i like her - at least Hitman's Syndori in her elf middle age outfit - those parts of armor upon her :) ) Could you make a few renders of her wearing it - if its not a problem. Oh and its a brilliant idea to put Syndori and Elfy both in a set.
    That would make a hell of a set.
    Thanks for sharing and take care

    1. Forgot something ? I have some difficult to see what you mean :).

      Yes Hitman inspired me alot for this character & i was frustrated to didn't found the right texture for her :(. Now it's solved :D.

      Fantasy stuff will probably come, she's an Elf & Elfy wants to know this new partner.