Tuesday, March 17, 2015

This is the end

Hi all,

The title is enough explicit ? I hope :). "My god! The end ?! You'll stop to do & share your work ?"
This is probably the question that some of you will have in seeing this & the answer is NO!
Seriously i'm not enough good to stop now! I have a lot to learn before.

BUT, Blogger is over ! What they've done earlier about the adult content then rollbacked their mind made me to understand Blogger is not anymore a safer place. 

That's why i've decided to migrate on another place ...
& it will not make happy some of you (probably a lot) i explain:
The place where i go will contain 3 distinctive parts:
1/ a free part where i could share my low-rez works
2/ a membership area where you can find all of my new & exclusive works in hi-rez
3/ a shop where i will add time to time my bigger sets

It's a good opportunity to see how i could live to my work & given me a sort of freedom on my site.
More! This will force me to improve my renders, poses, postworking to give you the best of myself.

A long time that i haven't post anything, isn't it ?  
betweentimes i've bought the OcDS (Octane Daz-Studio plug-in)& spend some time to learn the new G2 morph (i've to find a nice body as i did for V4) & take my marks with OcDS (it will be quicker, thanks Poser plug-in ! ^^) here's the G2 girl i've made, hope you will like her :).

Yeah i know Daz 4.8 is on Beta with the new render engine IRAY made in Nvidia, currently IRAY doesn't convinced me Octane still better for SSS shader so i will stay with Octane ...
For the moment ;).

For those of you who will ask, no i will not leave V4, Elfy & co still be there.

I would to thank all of you who followed me, comments, suggested, buy my products on Affect3D, etc. Without you this blog would have no life i hope you will continue to follow me on the other place & THANKS for 1 600 000 page views!

I will keep you inform when the site will be ready & give you the link here.


  1. Oh, I'm really very sorry, that you will leave blogger. a lot of your friends have visited my blog through my banner here. :-)

    I hope you feel fine and don't feel sick, as you have written some time ago. I will miss you and your outstanding artworks here and I hope your new site will be also for free for registered members. I would like to follow you to your new site, if possible.

    I would like to say thank you so much for your help in past creating my own blog and for your outstanding artworks. I will miss them here. Hope Kaylee will return on your new site, my friend.

    My best wishes to you

  2. Origin853/19/2015

    I guess it doesn't really matter where you present your work, so long as you manage to retain your current followers. I believe NerdDesign did the same a while back with The Naughty Princess, and I'm still following his work on the new site.

    Anyway, nice to hear from you again. Here's hoping that this transition is as smooth as possible!

  3. Anonymous3/21/2015

    I am feeling REALLY dumb but I didn't see a link to your new site.. I hope to keep being a fan of your newest works. ^^ Either way, I wish you all the luck in your newest adventure in the 3d craft.

    1. You're not dumb ;), site is in construction link will come later.

  4. I understand. Blogger has had an increasingly prudish stance recently. several blogs that I frequent have been, or had to shut down. Some nothing more than a picture of a girl in a bikini with a caption was deemed too graphic by blogger. I look forward to the new site and continuation of your work. Honestly, I view this as blogger committing suicide.

    PS, Paris is lonely and feeling neglected. You should give her more of your attention ;)