Monday, April 13, 2015

Some news

Hey there,

I just wanted to keep you inform that i'm still working on the new site. 
I need some renders to start & as i'm working now on Genesis 2 i need some test & see what OcDS/Daz are able to do ^^.

By the way, i'm looking for a writer (a good one), i've made few try & each time failed, because of me & the main theme was not from me. 
So i think the best thing is to start on my main idea: sci-fi story i've one in head, details in pm.
Important thing (for me & maybe you) currently i don't know if i will use Genesis 2 or V4, both are not compatible my G2 morph are on Daz & my V4 morph on Poser.

If you are interested mail me, i hope to receive few ^^.

A little gift, i present you the 4th girl i've done for Genesis 2, i was looking for a withe skin black haired so here she is ^^.

Update 14/04/15:
I've forgotten the most important part => someone easy with comic text will be better, i hope it will be a long story divide by chapter & it will be for sales so you will have your part.
Mail me!

writer found, we are currently working on a sci-fi novel ;).


  1. Very beautiful character. She is looking very hot. I understand but you could work with both softwares from time to time. I would be unhappy, when your V4 characters would die. Hope you will find a way working with both. By the way CaptainTrips has great knowladge in creatingf comic strips. Think you know him. Perhaps he can help you a bit, At the moment I working on a collaboration with him.

  2. Hey E. I would be more then happy to help or help point you into the direction of someone else. I'll note you on DA.

    This girl is now in the running for top 3 favorite with Echo and Lyari. I hope to see more of these lovely ladies in the near future. :)