Sunday, July 12, 2015

She's back


A quick update (yes i'm still alive) on what i'm doing:
- As you know i've left V4 for Genesis 2 but even the girl i've made are very nice, i still was a bit frustrated to don't use my old V4 morph ...
- I'm currently working, with a writer, on a sci-fi novel: characters are ready to go (male & female) most of the scenes where the action will take place too. I will probably give you some screens of the current WIP project ^^.

YES! She's back!
But ? Who is she ?



  1. These are really great new my friend. I love also the old V4 morphs. I know that she has a few deficits but I really love her too. I'm working with Genesis 2 but also with old V4. I would like to keep my beauties alive and I hope you will do it in the same way, my friend.

    Btw ... what about your own site? Have you already any news for us?

    I have also another kindly request and don't know if you are interested in. Think you are very busy in real life and with your own projects, but perhaps you will like the idea. :-)

    Would like to see your Kaylee character with one of my male charaters having some hot ecstatic fun. :-) I could pass you on all details and a script for a set and we could discuss this. So what do you think? Please send me a short email over my blog. :-)

    Have a nice weekend


  2. Glad to hear that you are still alive, haha, and doing some new project! It's good news…

    Who is she? Heh, Elfy of course….

  3. Origin858/06/2015

    The obvious answer is Elfy of course, but I'm going to say Ksenya. I don't know why, just something about her legs and the way she's dressed.

    I'm probably way off, but hey :p

    Anyway, nice hearing from you again!