Sunday, December 20, 2015

Before Xmax

I will start with the new set available at Affect3D dedicated to charities, made a gesture ;).
What you will find ? 17 artists (as me), 200+ pictures, divided in multiple quick set, HIGH QUALITY sets for only 9$95, do not hesistate it's for a good cause.

                                                                      (click on the pic)

What about me ? Well i admit these weeks i haven't work on my project & spend my time on "creating" new girls. I was in lack of fantasy girl, i mean Elf girl, here's 2 Elf done in Genesis 3: the young princess & her intimate guard.

About my current projects some are in standby as i want to improve my skill for natural pose, life like in other way. As the huge sci-fi project we have decided to standby it.
Instead of we have decided to make a weekly novel who will feature 3 students girls, as a diary. This way we will be able to train & improve the text as the renders.
Btw, but which girls ?!!! Hehe here's the hottie trio, enjoy ;).


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