Saturday, August 17, 2013

Black wings

Adding a new things on my post, an opportunity to all of you to give you a feedback of what you're able to see here. Just choose at the bottom of the post under "Reactions": Love it / Like it / Hate it.
This will give me a view of what are the most popular & what are not :).


  1. Excellent E, she is a cutie. Would to have some images of her, maybe catch her in flight. Great lighting, good mood setter. Thanks for sharing your fine work.

    Best wishes always

  2. Origin858/17/2013

    Agreed. The lighting & mood in those is perfect, especially the last one.

    That's Elfy again, isn't it? She's gorgeous. Those wings are an instant winner for me. Her hair and tiara too.

    Very nice work. I expect the 'Reactions' will get you some nice feedback from now on too :)