Monday, January 25, 2016

Alien girls attack

This thread is not dedicacted to those who hates Alien girl, honestly i'm not a huge fan of fantasy girl. I admit one thing that there's some (few ?) fantasy shape that make me vibrate. Races created over movie, video game, literature, & again whatever.
We have to admit that some are sexy as hell! My top 3 should be Elf, Asari & Twi'lek ok, ok Elf is a bad reference most of their shape are still human only ears are different the 2 others are insanely sexy!

When i was working on Poser i've done some Elves & in particular one Twi'lek & Asari, i will not talk about the last one as i wasn't satisfy of the final result. My fear when i've switched Poser for Daz was to not being able to redo my V4 characters for the human side that's was pretty nice result (even i have to say i still prefer their V4 version, especially for my Elfy & Kelly chars).
Btw with Genesis 2 i was able to have a godness Asari but what about Twi'lek ? I've spent my all time of G2 without doing a try. Finally for Genesis 3 i've done a try, a pretty good one in fact.

So for fan of Alien girl here's my WIP Asari translated for Iray & my Twi'lek attempt, enjoy!

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