Thursday, November 13, 2014

The raider

Hello there,

I would like your opinion on which of both girl you would like to see as a Lara's like, vote!


  1. Anonymous11/14/2014

    Of these two I would have to say Maxine. She has the more athletic body (toned abs) and there is something off with Laura's eyes in this pic. So between these two I would say Maxine. And I'll let my Nalah bias show here, but for a Lara Croft look-a-like I think she is closer than these two.


  2. Anonymous11/14/2014

    In my opinion, they are a little too thin. I love your characters but for a Lara Croft look-a-like, they are not voluptuous enough. Anyway, I prefer Maxine's face but the fact that we can see her ribs is too bad for me.

  3. Anonymous11/14/2014


  4. Anonymous11/14/2014

    I agree. Way too thin for a Lara-like!

  5. Lara has insane breasts, get that right and no one will notice anyting else....a bit sad be true.

  6. Anonymous11/20/2014

    I have to agree. I'd say Maxine

  7. MontyBrewster11/29/2014

    Some of these comments really surprise me. There are dozens of the same old huge breasted clones of Lara already out there. Who wants another? This is a stunningly refreshing take on the theme & the look of both girls is right up my ally. Thanks for sharing your work too, it's by far the best I've seen. And why choose one of the girls, I have a feeling both would be even better! Can't wait to see where you take this theme. Thanks again.