Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Looking for a writer

Hello there,

Last year i was looking for a writer, found one & start some projects ideas. Unfortunately his not able to handle it. I'm looking, again, for a writer. What i want it's give another dimension to my story, as you could see on my 4 previous project i like to tell a story & just not basically rough sex scenes (maybe i should do like this, less time consumer ^^), what i'm looking ?

- A good writer easy in english (yes it's better)
- Easy in making comics texts
- Keep the essence of my style
- Good reactivity: fast communication

- Same time line (GMT +1) or really near, better for fast communication
- Experience with CS (or other software editor) to make comic text
-  Already done some comic(s) story(ies)

Contact me via my mail.

Once my new writer found we will talk about ideas we could already have each other.

Here's 2 new renders, 1st one is my Night Elf reworked with this time long eyebrows & tweak a bit her head morph, the 2nd a pin-up shoot with Yennefer, been a while that i haven't done anything with her, enjoy!


  1. Yeah the black beauty is looking hot. Would like to see her more often.

    I'm sorry that you lost your writer. Hope you will find a good new one.

    1. You probably are talking about another post, there's no black beauty here :p.

      I hope too! He has no choice to left me, new project in his life meant less time to write, etc.

    2. No I mean the lady on the right. She is so sweat and sexy.

  2. Anonymous3/02/2016

    Hey, will the writer be paid for contributing to comics that you sell on Affect3D etc.?
    Hope you find a good writer, I agree with Mave-- she is very hot!

    1. Obviously yes ! It will be also a good way to make a Patreon where we could update time to time.


  3. Anonymous3/03/2016

    Your night elf is looking good. The eyes, eyebrows, and ears fit well with the lore for that race.

    Sorry to hear you lost your writer. Hopefully you can find one that will fit what you want for your works. I would offer but I already have a lot of projects including one with Mave and akizz. Good luck. :-)


    1. Thanks, good luck on your projects too ;).