Saturday, November 2, 2013


Hey there,

Some informations about the new coming set: i've, already, started it around 12/50(?) images has been done for the main story core.
I hope this new set will be even better than the previous (working hard on it for this to be the case), the story is not yet clear, don't know if i will focus on one shot story or do it in 2 chapters ... 
All will depend on my  pleasure to done it :).

By the way, for the 500k event i've finally find what will be the best:
game of the 7 errors, winners will win the following things:

1st price: a free copy of Elfy's diary + the new coming set
2nd price: a free copy of the coming set
3rd price: a free copy of Elfy's diary

Winners will be determined chronological order.

Be ready!!!


  1. Hi!
    I'd like to ask you about one thing. Could you create tags with names of models for each updates, because it's very hard to find all stuff about some model. I've had this problem when I tried to find all files with Echo, Spencer and Elfy. If I'm not mistaken it's Tarrah, but title has no name of girl, and tag is not exist and sometimes I can't understand which girl you present. Your sections under Elfy's screensaver are not actual now - other girls are more popular than these.
    About subject - nice set; good idea with wet pussy on the second pic.
    Thank you.

    1. I keep this in mind, i've delete a lot of tags coz i use too much girl :S. I will regroup for you all Echo's renders, link for the archive will be on my new post (today).