Thursday, May 16, 2013

Elfy: Patio


  1. Nice hair and image :)

  2. Excellent creation artwork.

  3. Hmm, in my opinion, this set is not well done. Second shoot is good, but something is wrong. I guess her fashion is weaker than usually and she has ordinary poses. It's boring a bit. And her fingers are disproportional a little in third shoot. Her best looks in Sunlight and Elfy Again, and maybe, Temple.
    I think additional elements and presence even though of minimal story line would be cooler. But if she just poses, it should be like Sunlight and Elfy Again ;)
    Anyway big thanks for Elfy. Love her...

    1. I agree that is not my best set, but still! It's Elfy so i love them :).

  4. Seraphim5/17/2013

    I cannot share the statement made above. Yes the first pic is not very unique - but still the backgrounds are pretty nice and give off a nice atmosphere to the picture in whole. Elfy is cute whatever she`s wearing and her fingers are always that slim. Tho thats one point that keeps bugging me too. But then she is perfect in nearly every aspect, so a little weak point isnt that bad at all.
    I dont like the shoes she`s wearing on these, but thats only because they are simply not my cup of tea.
    Considering your other sets and girls you sure advanced ALOT comparing them with Elfy. Her facial expressions are entrancing (most of the time) her body very alluring and her poses strike where they should.
    Over all you can be very proud of yourself and i do enjoy Elfy the most as well. She`s definatly your best girl in the stables.


  5. Well, I do have to agree with GreenSUn that this is not your best work. Elfy does look sexy in the set, but there are a few things that just don't appeal. Like her thin fingers in the second and third images, the clothes or lack thereof that she wears, and other small details.
    Elfy is not my favorite of your girls, but Elfy is the most advanced, in the fact that her facial expressions are the most varied, and look the best, her poses are varied the most.

    Although Elfy is not my favorite girl, I do enjoy all of your renders of her, and continue to enjoy her sexy sets. Keep up the good work Eclesia.