Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Elfy: Sunlight

Elfy taking a sunbath ...


  1. Well, this is the best set of Elfy so far! I dont know what it is about these few images, but there are some details that really stand out. First, her face reacts with the lighting the best, giving her a very innocent look. Second, her overall body really stands out, probably something to do with the lighting. And, last, her feet. Just something about these images that really make her feet stand out, and in a good way, and really add to the overall piece. Some of your best work, keep it up.

  2. Fantastic work my friend. Elfy looks gorgeous.

  3. GREAT!! Applause and delight!
    You already created some gorgeous (but short) sets with Elfy - with great backgrounds and outfits - 'Sunlight', 'Again Elfy', 'The Ruins'. Don't you want to use their in future, for parts 2 or long set with different locations, for example? I'm just afraid that all this will lost as undiscovered on 100%. Anyway good luck in future.

    1. I'm doing my renders by what i'm thinking on the moment i've done them :), but why not making a "long" story with her, depend of my mood :D.