Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Again Elfy

I had another thing in mind to post today but it seems Elfy encounter some succes so here are the last things i've done with her during this week-end.


  1. Well you're right ,she's somekind of a hit here and there, as you know there are not many artist whome are doing elves and stuff. Besides people enjoy it coz you've made her beautiful.
    Thanks for posting another mini-set of her.
    Take care

    PS. Will be there any porn with her :3 ?

    1. Thank you :), by the way you're right they're not so many women elves.

      PS: maybe, maybe not ... She has a so innocent look :D.

  2. Excellent work my friend.

  3. Seraphim5/07/2013

    I really like Elfy. As for facial features she`s your best in my opinion. Her hairdo is very pretty and i love the flower-ornaments. Her juwelery is very alluring on this set as well as it leads the view over her stunning bodyshape.
    Its a real shame she`s wearing the anklet only on one of the pics tho *smirk*
    Definitaly prefer her sleeping on that bench. Shes so entrancing, cute, sexy and innocent in one shot. Awesome work.


  4. All your ladies are beautiful and very sexy. You have great talent and I wish to thank you for sharing it with us to enjoy. That said I must admit that Elfy is my favorite. So sexy yet innocent looking. Would love to see more of her.

    My best always

  5. OMG! 'some success'? She's stunning young goddess! I fell in love with her :) My favorite now.
    I like her new ornamentations! Why only second render with ankle-chain?)
    Great fairytale backgrounds! 10/10
    Pair remarks, if you don't mind:
    About her ears - in my opinion, the small ears are better a little bit - they are more neat and elegant, but long ears are not bad too.
    About her hands - I think it's weakest point in this set. On renders 1 and 5 her fingers and palms are not ideal, say the least of it. On other renders they are better a bit. The fingers are very long and thin, so the hand looks raw-boned. I like her long manicure, but maybe should make her fingers shorter a little bit? On first render her wrists bend are like plastic.
    About her top swimsuit - I guess it's unwanted. It looks like from real life.

    About her feet - I'd like to kiss their! :D
    Hope to see continuation...
    P.S. 'She has a so innocent look' - still waters run deep!

    Thanks for your artworks

  6. Anonymous5/11/2013


  7. Anonymous5/11/2013

    Sucess I say x 100. She is such an innocent looking cutie. Love her.

    Thank you for Elfy!