Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I was playing with some morph made by Mirhelle. Here it's Elise with Godin's texture & custom body morph, hope you'll like it :).


  1. Seraphim7/10/2013

    I guess you know how much i appreciate and praise your talent and your work.
    Something about Elise doesnt really seem right. You normally produce very emotional expressions that really give a feeling for your work and your girls. She kind of looks bored and boring as to that.
    Her body is very slim, a lil too slim for my tastes, but thats just personal reference.
    Something about her hairdo and forehead keeps bugging me as well. Especially on the 2nd pic. I kind of got the feeling that her forehead is just too much, giving her a kind of odd headshape.
    I need to say tho, that Elise is on the deadend here. Beeing compared to sensual, sexy-lady Kytana is kind of hard. But then i guess she deserves to be measured and looked at seriously.
    I like the really long legs she`s showing. Her slim bodyshape really points them out. Thats pretty neat.
    Her best face and expression is Pic 3, but you didnt hit your usual goal for giving an eyecatching emotion on her eyes and lips.

    I hope my words will be of at least a lil help to you, so you may improve even more then you already have.


    1. I'm reworking her face, after your comment (and back from my external customer intervention ^^) i've taken a look of her head morph & noticed some "wrong" things :) ...

      Ya i'm currently rendering her with her new head morph i'm a lot more satisfy!