Sunday, July 21, 2013

Elfy goes real ?

This week-end i've decided to go back on Octane, a long time that i haven't done anything in this soft and what is the best idea to put Elfy in Octane, how she look in ? Is she still gorgeous ? For sure :). This set has been done in 2 parts: the 1st one in Poser & the 2nd one in Octane.

2 bonus Octane render Echo & Elfy.


  1. Anonymous7/22/2013

    sexy tatoo girl

  2. OMG! Elfy is so cool in this armor! This start of set is much interesting then previous with Syd and El. Nice high boots. But one problem - she is supersexy only with hairdo as on last picture. She looks gorgeous with pigtail - why every time do you try to change her hairdo? Is it so important??
    Echo is sweet, but this outfit is not good. IMHO

    Anyway, big thanks!

    1. I like to test different hairstyle & i find the one used on these renders very nice on her :).