Friday, August 9, 2013

The guardian Elve


  1. Seraphim8/09/2013

    I really love the armor you put on her. The shoulderplates give her a really imposing touch while the chestplates and shoes leave her very sexy.
    I normally like your girls barefeet, but these shoes really fit my tastes. The hairstyle is nice too and the darker skin matches the rest of her apperance perfectly.

    Would love to see more of this, especially she stripping out of this armor and seducing the viewer ;)


  2. Origin858/10/2013

    ^ what Sera said :p

    There's something about the armour and her hairstyle that go well together. Really like the poses you come up with as well, very elegant.

    Always liked this set from the few you showed us a while back. Nice to see you doing a few more of these :)

  3. Fantastic work, I agree with Sera & Origin85. It would be nice for this set to be the start of a fun adventure for our sexy Elfy. Just a thought!

    Best wishes always

  4. Looks like you shouldn't make her angry.^^
    What a beautiful death.

  5. I hope you continuous this set! She's outstanding...