Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy new year !!!


Some of you are already in the new year & some not yet, i wanted to tell to all of you a happy new year & all the good things that'll be to have (health is the most important!).

The coming new year will have add his change too.
I will change soon my workspace, new computer to improve my renders & make them faster as ever!
Trying to release more comic & building a story featuring my girls & boyz.
In general improve my whole work!

A totally unique girl is on way, i've commissioned one of my acquaintance for this work, i'm very impatient to see the final result :).

I hope you will be more to join my blog (i'm stacking to 30-35 members !!! ^^) & you will take much take pleasure or more !

A slightly sadder note: these the blog is the target of a "spammer" which want that someone upload my paying sets on another platform.
I know nobody can't escape this, i'm a user of the free download, who is not ?!
But not here! Not on the place where i share my work oO.
If it's continue i will be forced to block the comments to the anonym peoples ...

Btw, have a nice night without too much excess :).

Cya soon in 2014!


  1. Origin8512/31/2013

    Damn, Elfy is drop dead gorgeous in that dress.

    Shame to hear you're having trouble with spammers. I guess once you start getting enough attention, there will always be some sad git in the lot. I wouldn't worry too much about disabling anonymous posts if it comes to it, after all those of us who really want to comment can easily make a blogger account. Don't know why I haven't in fact :p

    Anyway, Happy New Year and have a good one!

  2. Beautiful job as always E. Sorry to hear about the problems with the damn spammers.

    Hope you have a Happy New Year and thank you for all the great art you gave us this past year.

  3. Anonymous1/01/2014

    All of your work remind me of "quality over quantity". So many details in each image, so delicate work. Especially the hair is quite impressive - thick, but more natural, different haircuts, each lock is visible. Each ring of her fingers is clearly visible, enen the tips of her fingernails. The spotless skin and the fluffy lips make me to think for a really good plastic surgeon. Yes, a real surgeon but of renders. Well done.
    Sincerely yours

    P.S. Happy New 2014 Year to you too. Let your dream comes true.