Thursday, December 12, 2013

The TV show

Spencer & Echo in a TV show ?!
No, you're not dreaming! They were invited on a famous TV show & interviewed.
Btw this is a small project write/render, written part is already done just renders to do. I was looking today for the right lighting, i've found it & pretty satisfy of the general result.
This will follow some change i would like to do in few months, i will tell you more soon (need to decide exactly what i'm gonne do).

Here's the scene almost finished, need to add the man & probably some details.


  1. I could only dream about it, but it's real! Oh! My two favorite girls in one show!!! Yeah!!
    Great project! Their outfits are superb, especially Spencer's stockings =) You have good taste, bro.
    Waiting for continuation....

  2. Origin8512/13/2013

    Oh yes, definitely looking forward to this!

  3. I'm intrigued. Keep us posted on the progress, mate.

  4. Anonymous12/13/2013

    It's a very interesting project. Those girls are hot and sexy. Keep on this set, pls.

  5. I haven't been paying too much attention to individual updates on your site lately, but if this is a set about some gals spreading their legs in front of the cameras then that will change in a big way. Kind of find it odd the Wild Things silhouette has 3 girls Charlie's Angel style though, while there's only two on stage.