Friday, December 20, 2013

Evelyn: The tattooed girl

Good news :), i can still render in Octane but more slowly. So i was playing with morph & tex ... Finally found my perfect tattooed beauty.
I still have some final touch to do on her: body & other details as piercing, other tattoos (?) etc.


I present you Evelyn, the versatil beauty.


  1. Anonymous12/20/2013

    really hot i hope 2 see more of her. new renders?

  2. Hi, Eclesi!
    I agree - she's a beauty. I love her, but... hmm, her tattoos, I dare say, are not very appropriate. Firstly, why is so many? Is she a sexy beauty or fucking rock-girl? Secondly, the quality of them is not ideal, for example, the tattoo on her foot looks like temporary tattoo for children. Some 3d artists use tattoo for his girls, but it must be really justifiably. For example, Madison (LooksCanKill) - all her tattoo are realistic and not obsessional. Finally, all her tattoos don't make her more sexy (maybe only one above her pussy). Nice outfit can make her more sexy, beautiful hairdo can make her more sexy, sexual poses, etc... But not so many a bit strange tattoos, I think.
    All above is IMHO. No offense.
    Anyway, she's more beautifully than Syndori and Nelhy'i, no doubt. How about elf-version of her without lots of tattoos? I think, she will be better hot girlfriend for Elfy, than Syn and Nel. P.S. What's happening with Elfy? I miss her.

    P.P.S. About her skin - a bit excess of orange color, I guess.