Saturday, February 1, 2014

The jeans girl

Finally my new computer is here! My 1st feelings ... I'm a bit frustrated by my 3 Titans ^^ i was expected more powerful. I have to say the truth i've increased some value since i've got them ^^. 

For those who will know what i'm talking about:
In the render setup -> Kernel, the value maxdepth was @ 2 i've put it to 4 now & the most amazing thing if i continue to increase this value the loss of rapidity is not significant for example on these renders with Maxdepth = 4 i have 6.5-7 samples / Maxdepth = 8, 5.7 samples / Maxdepth = 16, 4.8 samples, maybe the powerful of Titan generation is on this point!

In conclusion i'm a bit faster than before but higher settings & some points interesting especially the 6GBs!

Btw here's 2 new renders with my new girl (not yet named) playing a bit with her facial expression.


  1. Anonymous2/02/2014

    She looks like a Krista or a Karen to me. She looks good. :3

  2. With 3 titans, how can you be upset? But from a rendering standpoint, Nvidia's Quadro cards coupled with a Tesla will bring unparalleled performance over a Titan, as it is a gaming card.