Sunday, February 9, 2014

My name is Maxine

Hi there, 
after a long thinking i've finally found her a name. I've hesitated on 3 names: Megan, Lee-Ann & Maxine, you know the rest.
Playing also with some new stuff, that you can find on the CGBytes (the softcore site of Renderotica) comics bubbles & comics templates pages, for the second i've to make a little story set  ^^.
This part is totally new for me, i have a lot to learn: posing, camera view, writing, etc.
A tons of work in perspective :D.
If you have advice(s) or whatever which could be useful for me, let me know ^^!


  1. Anonymous2/09/2014

    From a writing perspective a lot depends on how deep a character you want you girls to be. I've collaborated with Mave Cosmic on the backgrounds of his girls for his blog, and I use the anon profile when I do post because I have not opened a blogspot account, but on his page I am RC. If you are wanting to make these girls have individuality in future sets, one key thing to to establish their personality. Questions to ask yourself when developing this is where did she grow up? What does she do when not on these pages? What are her likes and dislikes? These are just some basic building blocks to creating her persona that can then be translated to the images you create and the stories they are involved in. I've seen previously where you did this with the Amy character and it was a very good start. Once you have their personalities in place then the scenarios for here will begin to form...anyway...hopes this helps.


    1. All constructive advices is helpful, yours is very helpful :). And yes you've right i have to think on what they do when they are not feature here, building also their tastes & little bio.
      I've already build a bio for Spencer & Echo (not yet released ^^).


  2. Anonymous2/10/2014

    i feel like eclesi's talking about this maxine girl like shes a miracle or something. comparing her to your previous girls she really isn't that pretty. elfy, echo, hadley, nalah, ksenya, spencer, twi'ly, kaylee, evelyn and probably others are your best characters, to me shes not as good as them.

    1. You are hard! She's probably not the beautiful BUT she's quite unique! I mean all girls you've mentionned are available for sales, you can find each of them not this onen her morph is unique & available anywhere.

      Btw, now tastes is tastes :).