Saturday, November 30, 2013

Jewel from China

Hey everybody,

Here are the winners of the special 500k game event, due to the number of participant i've changed the following things:
1st place = 1 winner
2nd place = 2 winners
3rd place = 3 winners


~1st place~
hugh slater

~2nd place~
Сергей Власов (Green Sun)
~3rd place~ 
Daniel Scott
Erick Spino

Reward will be sent the 1st week of my new comic set released , be patient :).

Btw, here's some new renders with Kumi, i've reworked her body, need her with a very hot body :). 
I'm pretty satisfy, need probably some work to reach what i want for her!


1 comment:

  1. Origin8512/01/2013

    I have to admit I sometimes find it hard to see what's different when you post about changes in your character's bodies. But the overall end result speaks for itself, she's amazing!

    So whatever it is you do, keep it up :)