Saturday, November 16, 2013

Game 500k event

Hi there,

First of all, i'm glad to announce that my new comic is finally ready & done, only minor things to do but, i hope, available soon on Affect 3D Store (have a look on it if it's not already done ^^, some amazing stuff there!).

As i said earlier for the 500k pageviews event i would do a special thing: game of the 7 errors.
My new comic is ready that mean i'm able to start the game.

I remind you the prices:
1st price: a free copy of Elfy's diary + the new coming set
2nd price: a free copy of the coming set
3rd price: a free copy of Elfy's diary

The three 1st who send me: the right answer will win one of these price (in order of date).
For some reasons prices will be delivered at the release of my new comic (currently unknown).
Btw, keep your attention on every details to find all errors, 13 in total (i admit one of them is a bit vicious ^^).

Don't forget send me on my email ( your answers.

Enjoy :).




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