Sunday, November 10, 2013

The sorceress

Hi there,

I've made some few changes on Nelhy'i: i wasn't satisfy of her ears, i've choosed another one ( a lot better IMO), i've reduced also the bump map was too strength (i'm more satisfy of the look of her skin), her body ? Huhu nothing to change she's already too hot!

Some words about the coming set: i've almost finish it & i will be able to start the game for the special "500k pageviews" event.
I will, maybe ;), post some preview ...



  1. Gorgeous looking character, mate.
    Kudos to you.

  2. Origin8511/10/2013

    Aye, she's amazingly hot.

    I agree on the skin and ears as well, much better :)

  3. Beautiful elf E. She is close to being as beautiful as Elfy. Real like the armor, too.
    I like your improvements on her skin and ears, well done.

  4. A fine looking gal and set :)