Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Amy in intimacy


I haven't said it earlier: the game event will be close after 7 days (saturday 23), thanks for your participation :).

Amy had a wish, talk to all of you who are fan of her:

" Let's talk about me ... A little *smile*
Hmm where i can start ... My passion maybe ? I love to dance ! .
Dance make me feel free, i love to move my body on music, whatever which music it's stronger than me *laugh*.
When i dance i only listen my body.
Dancing is like an orgasm each time *laugh*, i will not say i'd prefer dance than sex, it's just different. I need both *peal of laugh*.
I am very careful of my body i'm praticing some sports like Yoga, gymnastics & a bit of martial art.
Cya boyz ;) *kiss*.


  1. Anonymous11/20/2013

    Very nice set and great work on the little personalized touch with the interview. Gives her character a little more depth.


  2. Origin8511/20/2013

    I really like the outfit you picked for Amy here, and her legs in that last one are perfect!

  3. Extremely well done set. As said before the Lead In story was a very nice touch. Would like see more sets like this one E. Thanks!
    Best wishes

  4. Anonymous11/21/2013

    Love this set and seeing Amy enjoy one of passions. Would like to see her enjoying her other passion...the orgasmic one. ;)