Sunday, June 29, 2014

Riven fucked

I've testedhow i could managed the V4 Erogenesis pussy on Genesis 2, well ... Hard, need to train in Zbrush :D.

I've also delayed the release of my comic for some reasons, the 1st one is a big surprise awaits you but nothing more :).

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Riven: Genesis 2

Well, when i've seen her (which came with the Aiko 6 pack) i said to me "God! I've to take her & play with her in my renders!". I'm quite satisfy of how she looks in Octane (her beauty hasn't lost) & find the right hair style which fit her perfectly.
There, still, was one point who disappointed me: female genital, i don't know what's wrong (probably it's just me) but i can't play too much with G2 shapes especially around hips/belly or the genital part (belly part) looks so "weird" ...
So what i've done ? Tested the Erogenesis V4 genital on G2, looks nice! Without their morph (V4 morph part) for the sex scene it will need some Zbrush retouch :).

I just can say: i love her ^^ !

Monday, June 16, 2014

Ksenya V2

The end of the week-end (too short!!! As usual ^^).
These last days i've spent some of my time to the new MMO done by Carbine Wildstar, a pretty good game in some points it reminds me my beginning of WoW ^^.

Btw, i got some time to make few new things & reworked 2 of my old girls: Ksenya & Syndori,i've changed a bit their shapes, hard changes on the Syndori's head morph, a more adult look to Ksenya, etc. Let's see!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Week 12 - Focus on: Elfy


Here's a little (very) set with Elfy.
We had a long week-end (3 days ok, we couldn't say long, but still ^^) i hoped to finish my project "Mon journal intime" & NO! Damn heat from Spain! So i wasn't able to turn on my cards (except if i wanted to be cooked). There's not a lot to do but still some to do.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Week-end - Character focus 6: Paris

Hey there,

Yes 'im still alive! Still currently busy by my comic, almost finish!
Btw, here's the 6th week-end focus featuring Paris this time.

2 Bonus, i'm trying an attempt to find the right girl for the Paris/Lyon skin & another sample of my coming comic :), enjoy!

You want to request a week-end focus character ? Proceed as below:
- mail me
- give me the name of the girl you wish
- i'm totally free on the subject, nothing imposed.
Coming week-end focus:
Week-end 4 - Nalah
Week-end 5 - Elfy/Kelly
Week-end 6 - Paris
Week-end 7 - Kelly
Week-end 8 - Elfy (tattooed version) 
Week-end 9 - Kaylee
Week-end 10 - Echo
Week-end 11 - Echo 



Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Some old works

Hi all,

Well don't have enough time to make some new things so here's "old" stuff that i haven't yet released, 2 girls where i've played to tweak their morphs. I had planned to make more with them but finally let them fall.

Few words on the current project: i've almost finished it! probably finish this week or the week after ^^.