Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Iray 2

Finally got her eyes !!! A close-up on her top body, eyes looks a lot better. 
Probably comes to the default headlamp activated on Daz on cameras use when there's no light source ... 
Still need more test, but this render is now pretty good.

As maybe you notice i'm working now on Daz (some times ago i could never say this), the model is Genesis 3, Teen Josie 7. She just needs genital & she will be ready for nasty things.

Monday, September 21, 2015


Hey there,

Been a while while while ago that i haven't give some news, so here is some.
I've spent my last days on Iray, got Daz 4.8 for a while but didn't had found enough time to invest on Iray.
My 1st impression ? Clearly the advantage is Iray has been created by Nvidia ... This will help a lot the engine to use your CGs (Nvidia) with efficiency.
Render time is also so so fast in comparison of Octane Render, which is fast.
Iray still a bit more hard on how to customize your mats (glossy, diffuse, mesh emitters, etc) i don't put my hand enough time also :).

Btw here's a "test" render (so far finished) i still have an issue on the eyes, i have to find what's wrong with eyes to make'em "neat" without noise.

Render time ~ 20-30 minutes.