Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Hey there,

Patreon takes all of my time ūüėĄ that i don't have enough time to put some fresh pic. Let's repair this & give you a small gift featuring Miyo.
Christmas gift is on a good way, soon for my Patreon!

Remember that most of my comic set will be exclusive for my Patrons, so if you still wanna see/get'em do not hesistate => pledge: 1 comic set every 2 months (1 part each month) & get exclusive pics!

Enjoy this one!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Santa's Gift

Hey there!

Let's just have a quick tease on my upcoming set: Santa's Gift, featuring Fynn, will be available over my Patreon's page in December!
I'm going also re-upload my Zoey Archer's set as it has been removed from the Affect3D store, available for all of my Patreon this week-end.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Comic set 2nd part released

Hello there,

Here's a short preview of the 2nd part of my current comic set, you can find it over my Patreon's page & even more, updated regularily with exclusive pics! Do not wait subscribe ^^.

Saturday, October 22, 2016



Here's a new pic, more on my Patreon's page, updated regularily!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Little Fairy: Fynn


Almost 2 weeks that i have opened my Patreon page i have to be honest i hoped more subscribers, some disappointment, not against you ^^ it's just if you don't subscribe it's only because of me, isn't enough good, girls used, etc. Well anyway, this is just a beginning, who knows!

Anyway, here's a new, fairy, girl, that my Patrons have already discover her, she's kinda ... cute ^^, ins't it ? If you want to see more of her you will find more on my Patreon's page, enjoy!

Monday, October 10, 2016

New set: on going!


Just to let you know that my new set, 1st part, is available on my Patreon page, have a look on the preview. 2nd part next month!


Saturday, October 8, 2016


Hey there,

Here's a new pic featuring Lucy made by Pixeluna. Btw it's been a week that's my Patreon's page is open => exclusive pics, exclusive set each month! You can start to pledge for 1$ & more if you want.
There will be also some free pics added regularily.

Find more of her on my Patreon's page for free ;).

Remember you support my work over my Patreon's page (click on the pic)


Monday, October 3, 2016

Patreon launched


Leeeeeeeet's go! My Patreon's page is finally here, one thing => i've removed the Tier 3 (10$) as i will not be able to handle 1 set per month, easier for me to make it in 2 parts. This wouldn't be fair to let you pay 20$ for just 1 comic set.
Click on the pic to go on my Patreon's page, more to come ;).


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A so lovely girl

Hey there,

Here's some new fresh renders, enjoy !

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Red haired

Hello there,

It's time to show her face of this mysterious redhaired beauty, hope you will like her.
I still need some adjustments on my Patreon plan as i want to give you all the right price for what you expect, i'm thinking of the Tier 3 (10$) it gives me some hard thought & i'm simply wondering to silmply delete it for the launch to focus on mainly Tier 2 & 4 & why not replace the Tier 3 by a pledge of 25$ which could give you 2 commissionned pics per year.

Anyway, have a nice sunday ^^.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Patreon: some more info

Hey folks,

So! Here we go, after multiple thought i've finally decide to start my Patreon's page for the beginning of October. Why so late ? 
- First august was very hot, got few days to render correctly & so didn't finished enough work to start my page to be fair with you.
- 2ndly it will be perfect to start the page at the real beginning of the month. As i have 2 weeks holiday at the end of September it will give me enough days to do & finish my works for the launch

I still need some clarifcations on how the content released work, what i mean is if a subscriber have access to all content of his Tier or an access of only the month's content where the subscriber has paid, anyway ^^.

What will be the plan ?
Currently it's declined in 4 Tiers
Tier 1 (1$) :
  • 1-5 Patreon only images
Tier 2 (5$) :
  • 15-25 Patreon only images
Tier 3 (10$) :
  • ~ 30 pictures from my upcoming set
  • 15-25 Patreon only images
  • Access to commissionned images from Tier 4
  • Exclusive early access of my upcoming set
Tier 4 (50$) :
  • ~ 30 pictures from my upcoming set
  • 15-25 Patreon only images, you can also ask things that i may attempt
  • Exclusive early access of my upcoming set
  • 1 free commission per month with one of my character
  • Access to other commissionned images

For the launch i've thought to give you all (for all Tier) a full access of my previous set "Frightening night" featuring Yennefer & some other surprise.

About Tier 4 those of you who want this absolutelycontact me by mail, there will be only 4-5 slots opened keep in mind that i can't promise or reserved slots :(, 1st arrived 1st served.
If there's a lot of you want this pack, i'm thinking to release an alternative Tier for 25$ which could allow 2 commissionned images per year, it's still in project but i highly think to add it soon.
By the way if you want/wish to support me more tell me i'll unlock higher Tier.

Maybe in near future i will add other Tier (i've already an idea) but at this state i'm waiting to see how my Patreon's page will be a success ... or not ^^.

As you know it will ask me a lots of more work on my side, if there's not enough pledge i will be forced re-planned my 1st plan ^^.

I've told you about a new red haired beauty, you could see some of her on my DA page. That wasn't my 1st plan the skin used is not the one i wanted but works on her damn perfectly, enjoy!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Luna & Divina & ...

Hey my friends,

2 weeks without any new content ... Time to put some new things :). Recently Divina has been released on Renderosity & just felt in love immediatly (!), probably the cutest Genesis 3 girl i've seen (i'm mean rough morph, without doing mixing, retouch some of the head morph things that i do mostly on almost all of my girls). But, as usual, the body that most 3D content creator do not disserve their beauty so i've made it by myself & pretty satisfy of the final result.
This will be about today: pics featuring "Divina" & some new of "Luna" (have to find proper name).

There's also 2 gifts to come => I was working, first, on a redhaired girl, i don't have one which satisfy me enough, especially with a particular skin texture. Anyway this will be for later.

Patreon still going in WIP & unfortunately the end of August has, again (!!!), a wave of heat (~36° for 4-5 days), so i'm not able to render currently as i would like, it's always when you can't that you want to do something, strange isn't it ^^ ? But, in september i have 2 weeks holiday this will let me enough days to finish, if it's not, & launch my page.

The last show you the upper body part of a new girl, asian girl, i'm particularily satisfy of her body morph, i let you judge it.

Enjoy these new girls & pics!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

hijo de la Luna

Hello there,

Time to let some rest for Zoey this time & focus on another girl. Few weeks ago OOT has released new hair cut => new hair cut means new girl ... Ok, not necessarily, but this time i wanted to use a new skin made by P3Design => Luna, it looks so beautiful! I'm a huge fan of her products, love her skins textures!
Btw, i'm wondering to rework the body shape of Zoey, as some of you don't like my new shapes, i will open a poll soon with detailled shots of her body.
Anyway enjoy this new girl!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Zoey's summer (part 4)

Hello there,

Hardware news:
As you maybe heard it Nvidia as announced the new Titan => Titan X (pascal), weird name isn't it ? We are a lot to do not understand why they used the same name as the lastest Titan from the previous architecture, ununderstandable. Anyway, my old Titans have done their job to let the new gen take their place. I'm just waiting iray compatibility with CUDA 8.0 & also when Daz will implement it to the Daz software 4.9.x.

Heat is more mild, it allows me to render more & more especially the Zoey's Sensei set which will be available on my Patreon page for the launch.
About Patreon (!), if everything goes right i will launch it in September (maybe mid-end August if i go fast).

To finish here are some new pics of Zoey's holiday, enjoy!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Zoey's summer (part 3)


Here's some new pics from Zoey's holiday, enjoy!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Zoey's summer (part 2)


3 days of heat, i was not able to render anything as i don't want to be roasted in my room.

To wait, i have a good news Zoey has sent me some more new pics of her holiday, here are they & enjoy!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Zoey's summer

Hello there,

I've reworked, made some improvements on Zoey morphs + skins:
- I've changed the morph of her nave, a bit
- On the skin i've replaced Normal, Specular & Bump maps to give the effect you will see below, i'm pretty satisfy of the overall look.

Want some news of Zoey ? She's enjoying her holiday under the sun, beach & sea. She needed some rest after her latest exploration, this minotaur was too much for her. Then she will be ready for some more action. Here's some pics that she sends me of her, enjoy!

Wants more ? Just say it ;).

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A new comer ?


A quick heads up, since my last post => I've started a quick project which joined text + pics & during my renders i've found a perfect match between morph+ skin. So! As i've found her more hottie than the other one i've stopped it to redo it with her: 20 pics in the trash can.
I will not show you the 1st one as you could find her better than this one.
I've slow down my renders, i don't want to make my room hotter than outside ^^, so time to time i can make some new things.

Well let's have a look on this beauty, enjoy!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Night Elf in SF

Hey there,

Summer is here finally, or almost ^^. I will slow down my renders during these 2 months as i don't want to make too much heat on my hardware & in my room.
Here's some pics featuring my Night Elf girl in Sci-Fi settings.

I've started a new "comic" with text (!), i will share it soon & it will let me the opportunity how i could be "good" at this, as i'm considered myself really bad on this part ^^ but it's still time to learn & improve with your advice/suggestion/criticism.

Hope you all will have a good summer, enjoy!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Zoey & more

Hello there!

Been a while since my last post, here's some quick updates.


What a joke ... I've planned since few weeks before to take x2 1080, as Nvidia announced their new GPU technology as the "most improvement" GPU tech done before. And indeed after seeing some benchmaar where the 1080 is upper than a Titan X for almost the twice price that's a f***** good deal ! Yesterday i was decided to take them ... But after few research, i wanted to see how the new GPU was in Octane render, i've discover that Nvidia has not yet made their "Neeeeeew jewels" compatible with the current CUDA & it should be done for August or September ...

Well good to know that a company put in the market a product which is not working with other applications than game, which needs CUDA instructions.
Anyway these cards will wait the official CUDA support release before i buy'em ^^.

Projects on going:

- Patreon: i know that some of you are impatient to see my page open, unfortunately i'm not able to release it currently as i haven't enough stuff + i have to finish 2 commissions projects before & would like to finish the EP2: prologue set. I have also to think that summer, & son on holidays, is coming means less activity. My Patreon page will be ready for this summer, august, september or why not earlier if the heat is not here ^^.

- Prologue set: yes it's not finish & i think it will take some time, currently 35 pics done, with sex part didn't yet started, it seems to be a long set. In addition i'm thinking to add text, as you noticed on all of my works i don't do rough sex, i like to tell a story behind this. But without text hard to understand exactly what happens.

I've worked on this set these days a bit but not as much as i wanted, i've broken my back without doing something ... Now it's a bit better.

Yes in fact i'm working on 3 sets at the same time with Zoey:
- Ep2: which is currently freeze due to my hardware who's unable to render 3 characters at the same time (in this scene)
- Ep2, prologue: currently on going (35 pics done)
- & a spin-off: where you will Zoey at their 1st young woman age discovering the sex with her master, i've shared already some previews. 
On going also, but as i've started at the middle i have to imagine the beginning ^^.

2 commissions:
Yes it takes me some of my time, one of these will be reserved for my Patreons, girl featured is my ginger one that you have already seen on my DA page (the swimming pool one).

Btw, here's one of my last pic done from the Ep2: prologue, i was pretty satisfied of it when i've seen the final render, enjoy.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Crying all tears of my body ^^


I've cried all tears of my body in seeing the result of the poll ... Ok, not really the truth ^^ but still it hurt me a bit, i've thought, wrongly, that you followed me for my technic/art more than for a specific girl (or my "ability" to make the girl i've already done).

Btw i have to reply to cut short any hope to see them back for many many many reasons, here are few: 
- The main one is the based model has been hugely improved between Victoria 4 & Genesis 3, so many times gain on morph, clothes fixing. 

- Genitalia has also been so much improved with the 3feetwolf genitalia compared to Lalibits.

- Iray render engine, for most of you (?) this isn't say you anything but for me yes. Iray settings include a "new" map which called "transparent map", this texture give the result that you can see over my renders (& others who use Iray too). 
The thing that you have to understand is all V4 skins textures have not this map & i don't have the idea on how to create it & don't want to spend time on how to create it.

- Morph choices, there's hundreds & hundreds dials which allow us to custom our characters.

- Someone talk about expression on G3 looks more something robotics than human compared to V4 where they were more realistic, well that he's point of view. That's another improvements done with Genesis 3, facial muscles have been improved to allow, again, more realistic expression (and yes i find them even more realistic than V4).
If you have a look over my very old works, you will notice that they smiles very very few times, as it wasn't perfect or "fit" to the morph.

- Body morph: my current body morph are more unrealistic than my old V4 oO ? ... Clearly not my thought but anyway it's a matter of taste. Technically my current body morph are more realistic in proportions: height, "weight", etc than my old V4.

Reasons are not that i couldn't used them, i've kept all save, it's just a technical reason, i don't want to work anymore with V4 (even Genesis 2 is far of G3)

Yes you could say that i'm a bit lazybones ^^, sure you're right! V4 is the past & i refuse to be chained on a specific girl.
In hindsight, i think i should never done this poll ^^ as i have any intention to get back on these models, i've made a bet that is i've lost :D.

I'm sorry for those of you who followed me for specific characters, i don't look on the past i prefer to see the future & imagine what it could be, without forgotten the past, i've spent good time with my V4 girls but now my good time is spent on my new G3 girls & it's even better as i reached even more realistic morph (body & face).

So yes i'm a bit sad that my G3 girls haven't won your heart :(, but no old girls will stay at their place.

Last words about my Patreon page i'm currently making enough stuff for the launch, in hope that you will be a lot to follow me here despite the lack of the presence of my old girls.
To finish, i can understand that some (a lot ? ^^) would prefer to see my old girls but that's not in my plan. I'm still happy, a bit, that some of view prefer my current work, i will still continue in this way even it means to lost some of view.
Expect to see more of Zoey soon ;), enjoy this.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Busy busy !!!

Hey there,

That's a really busy month, too much things to do: commissions, comic, Patreon, ... Better than have nothing to do you'll say, i'll be agree with you on this point!

Anyway, do not forget that my latest set has been released: Frightening Night , i'm not to afraid to say you that it's my worst sales ever ... :(
I have no idea why, maybe it has been badly introduced (?) (this is not a Witcher like, only the girl i use may have a link but that's all. She was an attempt to create a Yennefer like as she's hot as hell in the game) or maybe the girl ?  The release of the release of Virtual Lust ?
Between us i have never seen this quality in 3D animation, very very high quality, i haven't bought it as it's stuck at Android & i'm not attracted by this kind of stuff (soon as movie i know), just had a look through the trailer & over his website, that what i call skill (!!!).
Or maybe me ?

I would really appreciate any feedback of this set for the few who have bought it, do not forget that your support give us a real boost, i give you another preview of this set.

Patreon has been slowed by these "many" commissions, i hope to launch it soon. I'm currently working on an exclusive mini-set for Patreon only with Zoey, here's a preview.

Poll: someone asked me on Deviant Art why i have stop to use some of my old characters as Elfy & more. This intrigued me, i'm wondering how these characters could miss you. 2 choices, let's vote!

Why ? Simply because Genesis 2 & more Genesis 3 have so, so, so much improvements compared to V4, even G2 can't do the match with Genesis 3 (morphs corrections, etc, etc).
And to finish it 3feetwolf has done the best genitalia for Genesis2/3. What we could expect for the 4th genesis ? Included genitalia (this would be so worth) ?

Enjoy, have a good week!