Tuesday, March 17, 2015

This is the end

Hi all,

The title is enough explicit ? I hope :). "My god! The end ?! You'll stop to do & share your work ?"
This is probably the question that some of you will have in seeing this & the answer is NO!
Seriously i'm not enough good to stop now! I have a lot to learn before.

BUT, Blogger is over ! What they've done earlier about the adult content then rollbacked their mind made me to understand Blogger is not anymore a safer place. 

That's why i've decided to migrate on another place ...
& it will not make happy some of you (probably a lot) i explain:
The place where i go will contain 3 distinctive parts:
1/ a free part where i could share my low-rez works
2/ a membership area where you can find all of my new & exclusive works in hi-rez
3/ a shop where i will add time to time my bigger sets

It's a good opportunity to see how i could live to my work & given me a sort of freedom on my site.
More! This will force me to improve my renders, poses, postworking to give you the best of myself.

A long time that i haven't post anything, isn't it ?  
betweentimes i've bought the OcDS (Octane Daz-Studio plug-in)& spend some time to learn the new G2 morph (i've to find a nice body as i did for V4) & take my marks with OcDS (it will be quicker, thanks Poser plug-in ! ^^) here's the G2 girl i've made, hope you will like her :).

Yeah i know Daz 4.8 is on Beta with the new render engine IRAY made in Nvidia, currently IRAY doesn't convinced me Octane still better for SSS shader so i will stay with Octane ...
For the moment ;).

For those of you who will ask, no i will not leave V4, Elfy & co still be there.

I would to thank all of you who followed me, comments, suggested, buy my products on Affect3D, etc. Without you this blog would have no life i hope you will continue to follow me on the other place & THANKS for 1 600 000 page views!

I will keep you inform when the site will be ready & give you the link here.