Thursday, December 31, 2015

New year is coming!

Hey there! So, still few hours before celebrated 2016 & say good bye to 2015. What i could hope ... Health for all of us, the most important. For me ^^ ? Tons & tons of pictures, more followers, more & more !

2015 was a chaotic year, not only for me, the year start with an attack in Paris against the Newspaper "Charlie" & few other attacks following the 1st one.
Google announced in March that they decided to close Blogger for adult content & then back their mind to finally lets adult stuff on most of their blogs.
Then for me follows a disenchantment of my Blog & my future on it, i've forsaken my blog lost some of my followers :( ...
Btw now i'm back, with probably in the near future a second site where i could put my paying stuff, this will be a paying access indeed.
To finish the year a second wave of attack again in Paris with more than 130 death ...
2015 wasn't a really good year so ...

(ofc France was not the lone country to be touched by this kind of attack, i relate only things who touching me "directly")

What's now for 2016 ? I have to finish my sci-fi set started in October, after that focus on another project i have in mind with most popular G3 girls Yennefer.
Here are some sample:

 To finish here's a small present of Yennefer, who's ready for the next year ;).

Enjoy, i wish you all the best!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas

Hey all, i wish you all a Merry Christmas for you & your family, here's a modest gift.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Before Xmax

I will start with the new set available at Affect3D dedicated to charities, made a gesture ;).
What you will find ? 17 artists (as me), 200+ pictures, divided in multiple quick set, HIGH QUALITY sets for only 9$95, do not hesistate it's for a good cause.

                                                                      (click on the pic)

What about me ? Well i admit these weeks i haven't work on my project & spend my time on "creating" new girls. I was in lack of fantasy girl, i mean Elf girl, here's 2 Elf done in Genesis 3: the young princess & her intimate guard.

About my current projects some are in standby as i want to improve my skill for natural pose, life like in other way. As the huge sci-fi project we have decided to standby it.
Instead of we have decided to make a weekly novel who will feature 3 students girls, as a diary. This way we will be able to train & improve the text as the renders.
Btw, but which girls ?!!! Hehe here's the hottie trio, enjoy ;).


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Smart girl

Weird title i know ^^, i have no name currently in mind so ... 
This is the previous girl with a different skin, skin used before was a bit too glossy i've tried another one & it works, IMO, pretty well. I'm still wondering if i will keep this skin for her.
Anyway, enjoy the pic!


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What's your thought ?

Well, been a while that i haven't post something here. Not that i don't want, i just didn't have, or find, the time.
I was firstly working on a girl, you maybe seen her on DA "Whisky&I", more recently on a second & it's for her this thread as the first one i'm sure you like her, i would like your feedback.
I think also to do a weekly comic, which will featured these 2 girls & Yennefer. I still have to clarify the situation with my current writer & if the event "forced" me to find another one i will do it for this part. I will give you more information sooner.


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Journal entry 01

Elfy's Reborn

Sunday evening: I've decided to reborn my most popular girl: Elfy.
Hard task, as i have already made some "try" & wasn't really satisfy of her overall look.
The main problem was especially located on her lips morph, basic G2 dials morph didn't helped me to get what i wanted.
So how to do to get her back (or the most closer of her V4 morph) ? Playing with morph dials, again & again !
By chance in few hours i've finally get a satisfying morph. Now Elfy is a mix between her main morph & few G2 chars.
I'm wondering about her body shape, should i rework it a bit ?

Iray settings

Iray skins texture was done the week before so i just have to copy/paste then render her, btw i will put here my iray settings used for my V4 textures: body part, lips, mouth.
NEVER FORGET even you used the settings you will need to adjust it more or less, all will depend of the skin texture used. Few products & tricks will be also needed, we will talk about it later.

Eyes i'm using Genesis 2 characters who's already mapped for Iray, Kelly & Elfy are using Addy's Valerie's eyes textures available @ Daz:

Iray or Octane ?

Hard to say, well not necessarily. More i use Iray, more i want to stop Octane. I think to give you a good response of how Iray/Octane are will be to build the same complex scene, render then compare who are the faster, who gives the "best result" ? 
Something that i will try to do this week & give you my feedback.

A new girl

I'm really "proud" to say that i have finally a blonde girl style. First thanks to the creators to give us such amazing skins, the one i'm talking about has been released this week & perfectly fit the blonde style.
My main problem is each time i've found & tried to make a blonde girl style this one was a lot better with dark hair, probably my own taste who are most attracted by dark or red haired girl.
With this one i've finally found my perfect blonde girl, who's named Blake, here's some pics of her.

Comic project:

I'm running on 4-5 projects at a time, clearly too much ^^. I'm thinking also to do again all of my "old" current project done in Octane, in Iray.

Statement of my project:

- Scifi (huge set): most of the scenes are ready to render, characters have to be redone, script is still on writing, general line done.

- Scifi (2): i've shown you few preview of this set a bit earlier, ~45 pics done (probably remove some as they are not ... enough satisfying).

- Scifi (3): maybe you remember i was working on an Asari set. This one is currently freeze, probably a rework in Iray. ~20 pics done.

- Fantasy: I think to completely rework this one, maybe with Elfy or a new Elf girl.

- Contemporary: Featuring my skater girl this set is well advanced, ~ 20 pics. Maxine was my 1st G2 girl reworked for Iray, i think to make this set again in Iray.

- Affect3D's Christmas project:
I've currently freeze my last set to focus on the Christmas set for Affect3D.
I would be tempt to use Elfy again as i really love her "new" morph, i know that she's the one i've used for my paid set & maybe you would like to see some "fresh meat". 
I'm currently hesitating to use for this set Yennefer or my latest one Blake ...

Thanks for reading, vote & enjoy.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The skater girl: Maxine

I have rework her whole morph (body & a bit of her face). 
The hardest part was to transfer her Genesis 2 skin into Iray skin, almost my whole week-end spent to find the right values whatever the lighting (HDR or meshlights) & tweaking skin settings. 
Here's the result of my works on her, enjoy!

 A3D decided to make, again, a big package for christmas another charity drive, currently i'm not really decided on the girl used for this set i heavily thought of Maxine but few are there too.
I will show you sooner all the girl i have in mind & let you give me your thought.


Saturday, October 31, 2015

Let be tempted by the Evil

Happy halloween !!

As you maybe see on DA i've done a new girl, Demon girl. Here's almost all the renders done for her.
She has two side her demonic one with red skin & "human" side.
About my Iray project nothing new, i've just recently bought The Witcher 3 it gaves me the idea to do my Yennefer & Ciri. 
You can see my Yen attempt on DA, Ciri needs more work currently.


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Free set


I've decided to share with you one set that i've, 1stly, planned to be my 4th paid set but time coming, nothing done since 1 year it couldn't be fair to put it on sales as i have increased my render quality. 
So here's the set for free featuring Kelly, more than 60 pics for your pleasure.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New set on going

Well ,here's my last pic done today of my first Iray set featuring Genesis 3 girl.


Friday, October 16, 2015


Hey there,

A quick update on my Iray comic: it's on good way ~ 20 images done.
Anyway was in need of some break with my current set, i've seen my salvation when in the Daz shop Chiyo appeared. The very 1st asian look for Genesis 3 (!!!), it was time.
Her skin is really perfect! Her morph, head & body, wasn't convinced me so i've made my own mixed morph. See the result, enjoy.


Thursday, October 8, 2015

A new comer: Rose


Some new things with my little cutie Gen 3 char & finally given her a name: Rose.
Playing here with her intimate part, i'm trying to put more attention on this part, i have to improve my "skill" to give you the most realistic as we could do.
All renders are done in Iray, each renders took me less than an hour.
Scene composition:
- SciFi bedroom Stonemason
- 2 meshlights
- 1 HDRI (which is not really seeable ^^)

My renders are run by 3 Titans (the 1st old one), i plan to switch one at the end of this year for a Titan X then change my both Titan by the new incoming architecture which could be released the next year.



Saturday, October 3, 2015

Naughty Bathroom

Hello there,

Still playing with Iray, definitely a good engine but seems Octane still a bit better currently.
Btw, i continue the serie with my little Genesis 3 girl this time she has some fun in the bathroom. Subjective scene as the Teen Josie 7 mats don't have gen mats, i will see to "create" one for her.

Maybe you wonder when a new comic set will come ? Not yet!
But i'm currently working on 3 sets at a time (!!!), modern, fantasy & sci-fi.
Some are more advanced that the case for the modern & sci-fi ones (20-25 yet done), fantasy have few pics done (~10), let's have a look on some preview.

& the best for the end


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Iray 2

Finally got her eyes !!! A close-up on her top body, eyes looks a lot better. 
Probably comes to the default headlamp activated on Daz on cameras use when there's no light source ... 
Still need more test, but this render is now pretty good.

As maybe you notice i'm working now on Daz (some times ago i could never say this), the model is Genesis 3, Teen Josie 7. She just needs genital & she will be ready for nasty things.

Monday, September 21, 2015


Hey there,

Been a while while while ago that i haven't give some news, so here is some.
I've spent my last days on Iray, got Daz 4.8 for a while but didn't had found enough time to invest on Iray.
My 1st impression ? Clearly the advantage is Iray has been created by Nvidia ... This will help a lot the engine to use your CGs (Nvidia) with efficiency.
Render time is also so so fast in comparison of Octane Render, which is fast.
Iray still a bit more hard on how to customize your mats (glossy, diffuse, mesh emitters, etc) i don't put my hand enough time also :).

Btw here's a "test" render (so far finished) i still have an issue on the eyes, i have to find what's wrong with eyes to make'em "neat" without noise.

Render time ~ 20-30 minutes.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

She's back


A quick update (yes i'm still alive) on what i'm doing:
- As you know i've left V4 for Genesis 2 but even the girl i've made are very nice, i still was a bit frustrated to don't use my old V4 morph ...
- I'm currently working, with a writer, on a sci-fi novel: characters are ready to go (male & female) most of the scenes where the action will take place too. I will probably give you some screens of the current WIP project ^^.

YES! She's back!
But ? Who is she ?


Monday, April 13, 2015

Some news

Hey there,

I just wanted to keep you inform that i'm still working on the new site. 
I need some renders to start & as i'm working now on Genesis 2 i need some test & see what OcDS/Daz are able to do ^^.

By the way, i'm looking for a writer (a good one), i've made few try & each time failed, because of me & the main theme was not from me. 
So i think the best thing is to start on my main idea: sci-fi story i've one in head, details in pm.
Important thing (for me & maybe you) currently i don't know if i will use Genesis 2 or V4, both are not compatible my G2 morph are on Daz & my V4 morph on Poser.

If you are interested mail me, i hope to receive few ^^.

A little gift, i present you the 4th girl i've done for Genesis 2, i was looking for a withe skin black haired so here she is ^^.

Update 14/04/15:
I've forgotten the most important part => someone easy with comic text will be better, i hope it will be a long story divide by chapter & it will be for sales so you will have your part.
Mail me!

writer found, we are currently working on a sci-fi novel ;).

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

This is the end

Hi all,

The title is enough explicit ? I hope :). "My god! The end ?! You'll stop to do & share your work ?"
This is probably the question that some of you will have in seeing this & the answer is NO!
Seriously i'm not enough good to stop now! I have a lot to learn before.

BUT, Blogger is over ! What they've done earlier about the adult content then rollbacked their mind made me to understand Blogger is not anymore a safer place. 

That's why i've decided to migrate on another place ...
& it will not make happy some of you (probably a lot) i explain:
The place where i go will contain 3 distinctive parts:
1/ a free part where i could share my low-rez works
2/ a membership area where you can find all of my new & exclusive works in hi-rez
3/ a shop where i will add time to time my bigger sets

It's a good opportunity to see how i could live to my work & given me a sort of freedom on my site.
More! This will force me to improve my renders, poses, postworking to give you the best of myself.

A long time that i haven't post anything, isn't it ?  
betweentimes i've bought the OcDS (Octane Daz-Studio plug-in)& spend some time to learn the new G2 morph (i've to find a nice body as i did for V4) & take my marks with OcDS (it will be quicker, thanks Poser plug-in ! ^^) here's the G2 girl i've made, hope you will like her :).

Yeah i know Daz 4.8 is on Beta with the new render engine IRAY made in Nvidia, currently IRAY doesn't convinced me Octane still better for SSS shader so i will stay with Octane ...
For the moment ;).

For those of you who will ask, no i will not leave V4, Elfy & co still be there.

I would to thank all of you who followed me, comments, suggested, buy my products on Affect3D, etc. Without you this blog would have no life i hope you will continue to follow me on the other place & THANKS for 1 600 000 page views!

I will keep you inform when the site will be ready & give you the link here.