Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer heat!

Hey there,

Yes i'm still alive :)! I just need a good break before to start my works again.
By the way i have 2 news for all of you, one is bad & one is good:
The bad one: as you know i've prepared a very huge set it was almost finish but finally i've decided to delete all renders done (~ 200 images) i wasn't satisfy enough of the final render ...
The good news is i'm already preparing a little (~ 50 images) which will feature again Elfy, i should say Eve ^^, in her summer holiday.

Summer heat (preview)

I have also add few changes on Kelly (add new tatts) & Echo i've reshaped her: smaller give her a bit more flesh & i was looking for a Lara Croft like but definitely i'm not good the result wasn't what i've expected, that's not say she's not good. As you see she had dark eyes & finally green eyes, she kept more the attention like this i think. Hope you will like her ^^.