Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A so lovely girl

Hey there,

Here's some new fresh renders, enjoy !

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Red haired

Hello there,

It's time to show her face of this mysterious redhaired beauty, hope you will like her.
I still need some adjustments on my Patreon plan as i want to give you all the right price for what you expect, i'm thinking of the Tier 3 (10$) it gives me some hard thought & i'm simply wondering to silmply delete it for the launch to focus on mainly Tier 2 & 4 & why not replace the Tier 3 by a pledge of 25$ which could give you 2 commissionned pics per year.

Anyway, have a nice sunday ^^.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Patreon: some more info

Hey folks,

So! Here we go, after multiple thought i've finally decide to start my Patreon's page for the beginning of October. Why so late ? 
- First august was very hot, got few days to render correctly & so didn't finished enough work to start my page to be fair with you.
- 2ndly it will be perfect to start the page at the real beginning of the month. As i have 2 weeks holiday at the end of September it will give me enough days to do & finish my works for the launch

I still need some clarifcations on how the content released work, what i mean is if a subscriber have access to all content of his Tier or an access of only the month's content where the subscriber has paid, anyway ^^.

What will be the plan ?
Currently it's declined in 4 Tiers
Tier 1 (1$) :
  • 1-5 Patreon only images
Tier 2 (5$) :
  • 15-25 Patreon only images
Tier 3 (10$) :
  • ~ 30 pictures from my upcoming set
  • 15-25 Patreon only images
  • Access to commissionned images from Tier 4
  • Exclusive early access of my upcoming set
Tier 4 (50$) :
  • ~ 30 pictures from my upcoming set
  • 15-25 Patreon only images, you can also ask things that i may attempt
  • Exclusive early access of my upcoming set
  • 1 free commission per month with one of my character
  • Access to other commissionned images

For the launch i've thought to give you all (for all Tier) a full access of my previous set "Frightening night" featuring Yennefer & some other surprise.

About Tier 4 those of you who want this absolutelycontact me by mail, there will be only 4-5 slots opened keep in mind that i can't promise or reserved slots :(, 1st arrived 1st served.
If there's a lot of you want this pack, i'm thinking to release an alternative Tier for 25$ which could allow 2 commissionned images per year, it's still in project but i highly think to add it soon.
By the way if you want/wish to support me more tell me i'll unlock higher Tier.

Maybe in near future i will add other Tier (i've already an idea) but at this state i'm waiting to see how my Patreon's page will be a success ... or not ^^.

As you know it will ask me a lots of more work on my side, if there's not enough pledge i will be forced re-planned my 1st plan ^^.

I've told you about a new red haired beauty, you could see some of her on my DA page. That wasn't my 1st plan the skin used is not the one i wanted but works on her damn perfectly, enjoy!