Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Crying all tears of my body ^^


I've cried all tears of my body in seeing the result of the poll ... Ok, not really the truth ^^ but still it hurt me a bit, i've thought, wrongly, that you followed me for my technic/art more than for a specific girl (or my "ability" to make the girl i've already done).

Btw i have to reply to cut short any hope to see them back for many many many reasons, here are few: 
- The main one is the based model has been hugely improved between Victoria 4 & Genesis 3, so many times gain on morph, clothes fixing. 

- Genitalia has also been so much improved with the 3feetwolf genitalia compared to Lalibits.

- Iray render engine, for most of you (?) this isn't say you anything but for me yes. Iray settings include a "new" map which called "transparent map", this texture give the result that you can see over my renders (& others who use Iray too). 
The thing that you have to understand is all V4 skins textures have not this map & i don't have the idea on how to create it & don't want to spend time on how to create it.

- Morph choices, there's hundreds & hundreds dials which allow us to custom our characters.

- Someone talk about expression on G3 looks more something robotics than human compared to V4 where they were more realistic, well that he's point of view. That's another improvements done with Genesis 3, facial muscles have been improved to allow, again, more realistic expression (and yes i find them even more realistic than V4).
If you have a look over my very old works, you will notice that they smiles very very few times, as it wasn't perfect or "fit" to the morph.

- Body morph: my current body morph are more unrealistic than my old V4 oO ? ... Clearly not my thought but anyway it's a matter of taste. Technically my current body morph are more realistic in proportions: height, "weight", etc than my old V4.

Reasons are not that i couldn't used them, i've kept all save, it's just a technical reason, i don't want to work anymore with V4 (even Genesis 2 is far of G3)

Yes you could say that i'm a bit lazybones ^^, sure you're right! V4 is the past & i refuse to be chained on a specific girl.
In hindsight, i think i should never done this poll ^^ as i have any intention to get back on these models, i've made a bet that is i've lost :D.

I'm sorry for those of you who followed me for specific characters, i don't look on the past i prefer to see the future & imagine what it could be, without forgotten the past, i've spent good time with my V4 girls but now my good time is spent on my new G3 girls & it's even better as i reached even more realistic morph (body & face).

So yes i'm a bit sad that my G3 girls haven't won your heart :(, but no old girls will stay at their place.

Last words about my Patreon page i'm currently making enough stuff for the launch, in hope that you will be a lot to follow me here despite the lack of the presence of my old girls.
To finish, i can understand that some (a lot ? ^^) would prefer to see my old girls but that's not in my plan. I'm still happy, a bit, that some of view prefer my current work, i will still continue in this way even it means to lost some of view.
Expect to see more of Zoey soon ;), enjoy this.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Busy busy !!!

Hey there,

That's a really busy month, too much things to do: commissions, comic, Patreon, ... Better than have nothing to do you'll say, i'll be agree with you on this point!

Anyway, do not forget that my latest set has been released: Frightening Night , i'm not to afraid to say you that it's my worst sales ever ... :(
I have no idea why, maybe it has been badly introduced (?) (this is not a Witcher like, only the girl i use may have a link but that's all. She was an attempt to create a Yennefer like as she's hot as hell in the game) or maybe the girl ?  The release of the release of Virtual Lust ?
Between us i have never seen this quality in 3D animation, very very high quality, i haven't bought it as it's stuck at Android & i'm not attracted by this kind of stuff (soon as movie i know), just had a look through the trailer & over his website, that what i call skill (!!!).
Or maybe me ?

I would really appreciate any feedback of this set for the few who have bought it, do not forget that your support give us a real boost, i give you another preview of this set.

Patreon has been slowed by these "many" commissions, i hope to launch it soon. I'm currently working on an exclusive mini-set for Patreon only with Zoey, here's a preview.

Poll: someone asked me on Deviant Art why i have stop to use some of my old characters as Elfy & more. This intrigued me, i'm wondering how these characters could miss you. 2 choices, let's vote!

Why ? Simply because Genesis 2 & more Genesis 3 have so, so, so much improvements compared to V4, even G2 can't do the match with Genesis 3 (morphs corrections, etc, etc).
And to finish it 3feetwolf has done the best genitalia for Genesis2/3. What we could expect for the 4th genesis ? Included genitalia (this would be so worth) ?

Enjoy, have a good week!


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Frightening night

Hey there,

As you probably see my latest set has been released over Affect3D, check it out.
Anyway, i've shared on DA few days earlier a new girl, i was messing around with the new product from P3Design & i'am really happy of the skin, it just looks fabulous! I was looking for a long time a perfect white "pale" skintone, never satisfied of previous skins done until now, so thx P3Design who generally done very beautiful skins.
So i show you Eileen in details, hope you will like her & don't forget to have a look on my new set featuring Yennefer, enjoy!

As usual, do not hesitate to leave me your feedback (positive, negative, everything constructive to improve my works).


Monday, May 2, 2016

Patreon final plan

I would like to thank 1st those of you who has participated on my patreon poll over my blog.
I've thought a lot on how to make my Patreon's rewards the fairest, as i'm not sure to be able to handle one set per month, my job + collab with my writer + commission(s) + comic set it's too much. I have also added new level rewards to give a way for those who can't give much could still support my work & for those who can help more, could do it.
Anyway here's my plan:

1$ (100 slots open): 1-5 patreon pics

5$: 15-25 pics of my upcoming set

10$: 15-25 pics of upcoming set
       10-20 patreon pics
       Exclusive early access of my upcoming set

50$ (only 4 slots open): 15-25 pics of upcoming set
                                 10-20 patreon pics
                                 Exclusive early access of my upcoming set
                                 One free commission with one of my girl

This reward is only open for those of you who can & want to give more without any new rewards (may be in near future, i will try to give a special reward for this reward, firstly i have to see how i can manage my current plan)

100$ (only 4 slots open): 15-25 pics of upcoming set
                                   10-20 patreon pics
                                   Exclusive early access of my upcoming set

This way, it gives me 2 months to make my comic set.

Now something different, you probably know that i'm currently working on my Zoey Archer Ep2, hehe unfortunately i have encounter a hardware issue: the scene used for my 1st 15 pics does not allow me to use 3 characters at the same time ...
So! As Nvidia will release their new GPU soon, i'm waiting the next gen & see if it will be better (i hope!). BUT, that's not mean there will not be a new set with Zoey since a while, i'm working on a prologue of the Ep2.
The story takes place shortly after the Ep2 then back to the past to "explain" how they met them.
Let me present you 2 new characters who appears in the next 2 upcoming set:

- The girl: Miss Black, her real name is unknown, her job is also not really clear & for who she works. She's a sort of head hunter for special contract.
- The guy: Len Zhao, he's a professional killer, he worked for the Yakuza & now he's freelance.

There's also 2 random pics that i've done this week-end, i'm pretty satisfy of this Blood Elf (skin/morph from my Elf Guard).

I will finish by my last upcoming set featuring Yennefer will be release in 05/05/16, save the date, i hope you will like it & do not hesitate to give me your feedback, enjoy!