Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cuming soon

Hey there,

As you probably know my latest set, Summer heat, is near to come! Released soon @ Affect3D !!!
See promos (!!!)

Btw i've spent some time to completely rework Maxine, she's a lot better i think, a petite girl which you would like to ... ;).


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Elfy & Santa

2 artworks featuring Elfy, a bit earlier for a christmas theme but anyway. 
This may help you to choose ;).

Monday, September 1, 2014

What's next ?

Hello there,

Poll is closed, both girls was very closed seems the choice has been hard but results are results (but i still plan a little surprise for thise set). 
I wanted, also, to say a special thanks for those of you who's voted for the 3rd choice, means a lot for me & i'm gladly surprised to see that for some of you "whatever the girl i love it" !
So thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks!
Btw go back to work ^^, "Summer heat" is finished release planned for the end of September (20th if  everything is alright), what's next ?!
Good question here's my schedule for the next months:

September: Summer heat released
October-November: The Photoshoot, featuring a, not really, new girl (see below ^^).
December: For the 1st time (only 1 year as a vendor i know :D) i would like to made a christmas set, as for "Summer Break" i will let you choose the girl. I will start today a poll which could be in 2 parts, depends of the result.

For the year 2015 Summer Break is currently the only one planned, i don't know exactly when i will released this one (before the summer it's sure!).

For the "Photoshoot" set i don't know if i will arrive to meet the deadlines as i would love to do my Christmas set ^^.

That's all for the moment, i leave you with 2 renders ;).