Sunday, April 14, 2013

Black lingerie

Can't stop to render my new doll Kelly :), here's some more with her ... I've to think about the next of the Kaylee story.
By the way, i approach to the 100 000 pageviews (there is some time before i reach it), for the 100k views i will offer 3 free commissions, more detail when i will be near of it :).

Also i will prepare a poll & let you chose for the next story the "heroin".
Have nice day ^^.


  1. Hi,
    she looks great ,even better without the panties :P
    He he , amasing render ,was it made in Octane or which rendering engine you're using at the moment?

    Stunning work man.

    1. Currently all of my renders are done in Poser.

  2. She is hot as hell........ ! What hair you using, e-mail me if you wish :) I like that ;)

  3. As I am not that into skinny girls, I do have to shy away from Kelly, sadly. But, you did such a good job on Kelly, that I will gladly overlook this.

    I will eagerly await more information about your commissions. :)

  4. Anonymous5/11/2013

    she beautiful