Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sophya: revamped

As i said here's her new texture set, hmmm i like her in this set (as before :p) don't know which one i will chose :s ... Maybe both ...


  1. Origin857/11/2013

    Oh, she certainly looks different! A bit less innocent now perhaps, but more elegant? I don't know, I like both her versions :)

    You never cease to amaze, thanks for sharing your work!

    1. I'm very pleased to "never cease to amaze" you :), it's always rewarding to read this kind of comment. So thanks to you!

  2. Seraphim7/11/2013

    I usually perfer your girls naked, but this time i need to say, the dress really hits the spot. Very elegant and somewhat playful. I really like the way you let the wind catch the fabrics. Sophya herself looks playful as her dress. I dont know if she`s any less innocent then before, but she sure tries to let us think that, i guess. ^^

    Nice work here!