Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Don't touch my girl

Hello there, here's some renders featuring Elfy & Spencer. Both seems to be your most favorite & popular, enjoy this intimate scenes with her :).

By the way, 400k has been reached after 8 months :O, i hope you will continue to be more & more to come here & enjoying what i've done & will do ;).


  1. Fantastic work my friend

  2. Seraphim9/26/2013

    Stunning work again, Ecles!
    I love the modified hairstyle of elfy and the setting is simply beautiful to look at (even tho i am not into lesibans). Was hoping to see more of Elfy soon and YAY..there she is ;)
    You made my day ^^


  3. Excellent Art E. My two favorite ladies. Hope you continue the series.

    Best wishes

  4. GREAT! My two favorite girls!! This is very beautiful! Their french kiss... is soooo hot! I hope you continue this set and we will see their deep french kiss and what happens next.
    Both words about Elfy - I liked more Elfy in her first looks, she was better. I don't like her tattoos now, especially on her left hand. Young and tender skin is much better always. It's all IMHO, of course.

    Thanks and good luck!

  5. Origin859/26/2013

    You just keep getting better and better at this stuff. The 2 of them together are just amazing :)

  6. Anonymous11/26/2013

    You must keep working in female foot. Mix it with sex scenes and will be so hot...