Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Project: New comic "Mon journal intime"

Hi all,

Been a while that i haven't done a comic, paying comic named "Mon journal intime", french title is absolutely wanted. Action take place on high school where some stories happen to there, main character will be (again) Elfy (have to find her a human name ^^) at her 18 & her school time, 1st experience(s) (boy & girl), her common life, etc.
Elfy will be the main character, the narrator i should say, but the action will focus too other girls (what Elfy will be able to see ^^ or what's told to her).

Due to this project (& i want it awesome) i will focus on it until it's finished, i will keep the week-end focus (it ask less work to done them), i will give you also some updates of the project.

Strange feels to start a project on it will not be the 1st part ^^: scene take place on a fitness room, elfy meet her fitness mate & they're going to have some very good time.

Here's the different scenes, already built have to render them with actors ^^.

Btw, i open a new poll to see (again) which girl are popular (it could help me to clean & stop to use some girls).

Playing with materials to see how it looks on different tools, as you can see

 Here are the locker & shower room


  1. These are really great news, my friend. Elfy is a really wonderful main character. Btw... you could create also a poll for some names for human Elfy, which you perhaps got from some friends and you like.

    You would make a lot of fans of Kaylee very happy, if you could create a new comic set with Kaylee.

    Wish you very much success for your new project.

  2. First experience(s), and a pay comic You say? As long as these "experience(s)" will look realistic I'm game.