Saturday, January 30, 2016

Peril in the mystery tomb

I have for you 2 importants news, the comic set where i was working on is finally finished! Released for the 2nd/4th February, 115 pics in this set, prepare yourself!
The 2nd news is i'm working on another set, currently only ideas. I would like to do a sort of Lara Croft like, scene is setup i just need your opinion on the girl i should use (or you want to see) for this set: Zoey on the right side & Dark haired (the tattooed one) on the left, no name for her currently ^^



  1. Wow both beauties are very hot and beautiful. It is very hard to decide.... what do you think, if I send over one of my male characters and he take first Zoey and after her Dana...

    1. Hey my friend unfortunately no i'm using my own character ;).

    2. Ok but perhaps will it be possible with one of your own beauties?

  2. Anonymous1/30/2016

    Girl on right!

  3. Fastmax, on DA1/30/2016

    As I was upon your DA site, I was under the impression that you'd exhibit the both within the same pictorial. They are a "raider team" of two girls falling into perils.
    That's what I'd love to see as a pictorial.
    In terms of a name for the left hand model... why not "Darrah"?
    I just made it up.

  4. Tattoo girl most definitely Tattoo girl.

  5. Anonymous2/04/2016

    They both look hot! But I prefer the one on the left, because she has kind of a sassy look.